Thursday, September 1, 2016

Subrosa-For This We Fought the Battle of Ages

Salt Lake City may be one of the least likely places to find good metal music, but much like the city itself these days, it's growing, and at the forefront of the metal music movement there is Subrosa. Considered one of the best bands that few have heard of, that label is in danger of being shed as they gain more recognition, so pressure to produce another great album is naturally on for them. Their latest album For This We Fought the Battle of Ages is quite possibly their most complete album yet.

With six tracks clocking in at just over an hour, Subrosa sets the tone with one of the deepest songs on the album in "Despair is a Siren." As the title says, despair is the main theme, and the music portrays it perfectly, with violins providing the feeling alongside the pained vocals of Rebecca Vernon, the measured guitar riffs, and a rhythm section that ensures things don't get out of hand. The bass lines that begin "Wound of the Warden" give way to an equally beautiful composition that shows a slightly darker, angrier side to the album. Vocal range is on display for "Black Majesty," and like the rest of the album, it doesn't disappoint when it comes to atmosphere or musical composition. There is a small break on the album with "Il Cappio," which is the only track that is under seven minutes by a lot, as it is only a minute and a half long. Even that isn't allowed to go to waste, as between the singing in Italian and the use of a lyre, it provides a nice bridge to the next song in "Killing Rapture." The closing track "Troubled Cells" begins with guitar strains that eventually serve as an underlying layer to the vocals that remain as hauntingly beautiful then as it was when the album began. The consistency on For This We Fought the Battle of Ages is remarkable, even as the previous albums have been works of art unto themselves, but it is taken to a new level, as the elements of their music truly come together.

If you were to put together an album that served as a soundtrack to the possible end of humanity, Subrosa's For This We Fought the Battle of Ages would be it. Naturally, it figures that the inspiration for the album is taken from a near 100-year old dystopian novel entitled We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Subrosa's work already stands out on its own, but with the increasing recognition they're getting within the doom metal scene, it is great that they're not letting up when it comes to creating compositions worthy of an art museum. For This We Fought the Battle of Ages is a must have for doom metal fans, and even if you aren't a fan of doom metal in general, it is still an album to own.

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