Monday, September 12, 2016

Neurotech-In Remission

Keeping with the one-man band theme from yesterday, the country of Slovenia gets in on the act, as Neurotech has emerged. The brainchild of Wulf since 2012, he has had four albums under his belt under the Neurtoech name that plays symphonic industrial metal. His latest album In Remission becomes album number five.

In Remission is 35 minutes of ambient industrial metal that isn't going to necessarily blow you away, but provides enough in the way of atmosphere to keep your attention. While most of the music is predominantly programming, there is the standard guitar, bass, vocals, and drums combo that many bands have, and they all seem to work in concert with one another. Vocals-wise, they're clean with a small amount of distortion thrown in periodically and rarely rise above the music. While atmosphere is created fairly well and the music is rather straightforward, it also happens to be a problem, as the limitations of incorporating programming into the music often leave little to the imagination, as many of the tracks tend to sound the same. Only the last track "Alleviate" truly stands out, and it also happens to be one of the slower songs on the album that also gets time to develop. Other than the last song, the rest of the album is just there, as it doesn't jump out in any way, good or bad.

Neurotech has an interesting approach when it comes to industrial metal, and while there is potential for greatness, far too often on In Remission, it just settles for a middle ground. It's not terrible, but one gets the feeling that so much more was expected. It's good for a curiosity listen, but anything more than a couple of spins may be pushing it for enjoyment factor.

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