Monday, July 18, 2016

Visions of Atlantis-Old Routes - New Waters

Since their formation in 2000, Visions of Atlantis has undergone several lineup changes, with the only constant in all of it being drummer Thomas Caser. Now, with most of the original lineup back together except for the vocalists, the band is hitting the reset button with an EP called Old Routes - New Waters, which is songs from the first three albums as sung by current vocalists Clementine Delauney and Siegfried Samer. The results are mixed.

For the album, the songs are taken from Eternal Endless Infinity ("Lovebearing Storm"), Cast Away ("Lost," "Winternight," and "Last Shut of Your Eyes") and Trinity ("Seven Seas"). To say there is a major difference between the male and female vocalists, at least when it comes to just how well they fit with the songs compared to the original, would be an understatement, and the compatibility changes with each song. For instance, on the opening track "Lovebearing Storm," there just isn't the same power behind the vocals as in the original, particularly when it comes to the male vocals. Of course, comparing the re-done version as a whole to the original, it just doesn't stack up, and the band knows it, as they just go with what works in the now. The newer version of "Lost" actually is more of an improvement on the original, as both vocalists carry their parts well. "Winternight" strikes the same emotional chord with the listener on this version as it did with the original, so it works well on the album. "Seven Seas" is alright on the album, but it isn't a major improvement on the original, but "Last Shut of Your Eyes" is where things look better. Musically, Visions of Atlantis is trying to get a feel for what brought them to the dance, and it shows at times, as the energy that permeated the originals is not as evident on the remade versions at times.

Old Routes - New Waters is an okay EP that serves its purpose of getting the listener re-acclimated to the band's original sound while working in the new vocalists. It's nothing earth-shattering, but it's also not terrible, either. It's only recommended if you're looking to either complete your Visions of Atlantis discography or if you're like me and hold out hope that they will have that breakthrough album.

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